[Mailman-Users] mmsitepass broken in v 2.1.5?

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Thu Sep 2 16:03:08 CEST 2004

At 1:35 PM +0100 2004-09-02, Richard Barrett quoted hesco at greens.org:

>>  I'm a member of mailman, but am not root.
>>  Do I break the installation by asking root
>>  to reset these permissions with chmod g+w?
>  It will only be a problem if your site manager thinks that it is a bad
>  thing letting any userid which is a member of the mailman group change
>  the site password.

	IIRC, this poster is in a *BSD jail() environment, without the 
root password -- which I think means that this jail is dedicated to 
him.  He got the guy with root password to change all these files, 
but in this circumstance I don't think that worked quite the way they 

	Assuming I am correct, then changing the group writership of this 
file shouldn't pose a greatly increased security risk, although he 
should be aware that anyone who can get into the mailman group on the 
bare machine would then be able to access and modify the files from 
outside the jail.

	Unfortunately, when you're trying to run something like this in a 
chroot() or jail() environment that doesn't completely and totally 
simulate a full virtual machine where you can have complete root 
access to your entire "system", things tend to get a bit strange.

	I think relatively few mailman admins are in this kind of 
environment -- most either own the entire machine or they use list 
hosting facilities provided by others, and not many are between these 

	This also means that there are few experienced mailman admins who 
can answer questions about chroot()/jail() strangeness based on prior 
experience, or who can then put that kind of information into the 
documentation, FAQ, etc....

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