[Mailman-Users] sudden "group mismatch error"

Dan Phillips dhphllps at memphis.edu
Thu Sep 2 23:08:37 CEST 2004

On Sep 2, 2004, at 2:49 PM, Ben Byrne wrote:
> Thanks. Fortunately I'm running a version of OS X server that predates 
> Apple's inclusion of mailman, and I believe I've found the source 
> directory used for the installation (I did not perform the install).
> I have a stupid but quick question: will running
> #make clean,
> #configure --with-mail-gid=daemon
> #make install
> erase my existing lists, or will they be left untouched? If the 
> former, is there a convenient way to backup and re-create the lists 
> post-install?

I'm also running mailman on OS X Server 10.2, installed from source. 
The difficulties  Brad describes are one of the main reasons I haven't 
updated to Panther Server.

Go to your source folder and look at the head of config.log. That will 
show what options were specified in the last install. Copy all of those 
except the different mail-gid in your configure command. This will not 
overwrite any existing lists. Just remember to run mailmanctl stop 
before doing it ;-)


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