[Mailman-Users] Rejecting Posts from some members

David Richards d.richards at qut.edu.au
Mon Sep 6 07:21:28 CEST 2004


We have a need to restrict the senders of a list to a very small number of 
people.  These people may or may not be members of the list.  All other posts 
we wish to reject, how can this be acheived?

At the moment, the following are set:

default_member_moderation = no   (no members set to moderation)
member_moderation_action = reject
accept_these_nonmembers = ['bloggs at domain.com','abc at xyz.com']
generic_nonmember_action = reject

abc at xyz.com is a member of the list.

Thanks in advance,

David Richards
Senior Network Programmer
Information Technology Services
Queensland University of Technology

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