[Mailman-Users] now can't make new lists...

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Sep 10 20:08:00 CEST 2004

Nathan K. Stazewski wrote:

>Hello all.  Yes, somehow I have gotten our mailman client working again (no
>idea how really, but it works again).  I just went to create a new alias
>(which I've done before), and now it's saying "Error: You are not authorized
>to create new mailing lists".  I of course went and googled this and found a
>few questions about it, but no real answers.  One person said you can't do
>it from the web client with this version of mailman (2.1), but I know that
>to be wrong, as I did it before we moved the computer to this new location.
>Has anyone else ever seen this?  I am afraid that it might be a permissions
>thing, as a few permissions were changed and changed back while
>troubleshooting the last problems.  Unfortunately it could be that a
>permission was missed.  Thanks in advance.  This listserv has been immensely
>helpful every time I've posted.

You need to provide an authorized password. Only the site password or
the list creator password (if any) will work. Quoting from the create
page "You must have the proper authorization to create new mailing
lists. Each site should have a list creator's password, which you can
enter in the field at the bottom. Note that the site administrator's
password can also be used for authentication."

See also
  bin/mmsitepass --help

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