[Mailman-Users] Love it . . . but

Timothy Hagan tim at macprosolutions.com
Sat Sep 25 16:10:07 CEST 2004

My first experience with Mailman was not a good one.

Of course, the issue I first posted to the list can be attributed to 
the fact that web services were not enabled on my OS 10.3 Server. 
However, the first few test posts that I sent to the list went out to 
everyone successfully. Unfortunately, the replies that were sent by 
recipients on the list, however unnecessary, were sent to everyone on 
the list. This caused quite a problem. A great many of the folks on the 
list were excited to see it back in action (we had previously been 
using LetterRIP Pro) but when they received numerous emails from other 
folks on the list, it made them question our ability to host a list.

I had all the users, except myself, set for no-posting to the list, yet 
they were all able to do so.

What did I do wrong?

Tim Hagan
Service Operations
MacPro Solutions, Inc.
8030 West Broad
Richmond, VA 23294
804 497-8710
804 497-8712 FAX

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