[Mailman-Users] Tiered mail lists w/ posting restrictions

Heather Madrone heather at madrone.com
Sat Apr 2 19:01:32 CEST 2005

At 7:56 AM -0800 4/2/05, Porter wrote:
>I am trying to build a list that is inclusive of
>serval sub lists but that have subscriber only posting
>restrictions.  That is a list TOP with subscribers
>SUB1m SUB2m etc.  The SUBn lists have indiviual
>subscribers and I want them to be able to send to
>their SUBn list as well as TOP to send to all the SUBn
>lists.  For security and privacy I want subscriber
>only postings.
>Any suggestions?  Is this possibility?  I have tried
>numerous combinations of adding
>accept_these_nonmembers,  anonymous_list and

I do something like this.  I don't want any mail to go
directly to the sub-lists, so I set their Explicit Reply-To:
Headers to point to the main list.  When I set up the
main list, I added the sub-list addresses to accept_these_
nonmembers for the main list.

The thing that makes it all work, however, is setting
forward_auto_discards on the Privacy options...Sender filters
page.  If a new person subscribes to one of the sub-lists,
their first post will be held for approval.  At that point, the
list moderator approves the post and check the box to accept
future posts from this address.

This is somewhat easier to do in majordomo, where you
can set the Approved-posters list to point to a list of filenames
(i.e. the address lists of the sub-list).

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