[Mailman-Users] LDAP integration (& passwords)

James McCrea J.A.McCrea at kent.ac.uk
Fri Apr 8 11:07:24 CEST 2005


I perhaps am bundling too much up here.

Can anybody tell me there are any plans to integrate the (functionality
of the) 3rd party plugins that deal with LDAP functionality with the main
mailman distribution?


On Fri, Apr 01, 2005 at 04:27:46PM +0100, James McCrea wrote:
> Hi list,
> I'm going to be deploying mailman in place of majordomo soon, but just
> have some questions that i've not been able to find answers for thus
> far...
> We have an institution wide LDAP service which will increasingly contain
> information that we would use for building lists from. This would include
> both lists created dynamically from the ldap info at mail-time, and also
> those created (perhaps via a script) that check for an attribute at some
> given point and build a list.
> In addition to the above we use the LDAP servers for authentication for
> services such as mail, and the passwords stored here are in sync with
> those on our Active Directory setup.
> It is *very* desireable to be able to allow users to authenticate for
> mailing list purposes by using their existing password that is used for
> all other services (mail, webmail, logging on, restricted site access
> etc)
> I know that some of this functionality is available via 3rd party
> plugins, but I'm wondering if this will be integrated with the mail
> mailman stream in the future, as i'd look silly working to merge things
> and then finding that! ;)
> Obviously monthly reminders etc are inappropriate in this setup, we
> wouldn't want the passwords being pushed about in plain text. But i'm happy
> that's not a major problem and can be sorted whenever.
> Any pointers or info about the mailman roadmap much appreciated, as are
> comments from people (esp educational institutions) running in a similar
> fashion.
> Cheers
> James McCrea
> Computing Officer
> University of Kent
> NB, just in case it helps, here's our background:
> We have approx 2000 lists, most of which are less than a hundred addressses
> and change relatively frequently (~annually) and the others which are
> just a few lists with many users (up to a few thousand addresses)
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