[Mailman-Users] Message rejected by filter rule match

Heather Madrone heather at madrone.com
Sat Apr 23 18:42:31 CEST 2005

At 6:01 AM -0700 4/23/05, Mark Sapiro wrote:
>Dean Martin wrote:
>>I have a mailing list that just stopped working.  Any message sent to it is
>>bounced back with one line in the email
>>Message rejected by filter rule match
>>I don't have any filter rules set in the configuration.
>Are you sure? This message comes from Mailman/Handlers/SpamDetect.py
>when a spam filter rule with Reject action is matched. I don't think
>it comes from anywhere else.
>Check Privacy options...->Spam filters->header_filter_rules and make
>sure that any rule's action is set to Defer.

If everything looks okay otherwise, I'd try stopping Mailman and
then restarting it.  Or rebooting, if you have the luxury of bringing
the server down for a bit.

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