[Mailman-Users] appended email addresses on probe?

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Sun Apr 24 12:23:05 CEST 2005

At 10:03 AM -0400 2005-04-23, Michael J. Ludgate wrote:

>  My customers are upset about privacy issues .. re: appended email
>  addresses on the new bounce probe. I maintain 3 lists tat are all set
>  up as announce only and my subcribers are kind of paranoid about
>  emmail privacy ...

	That's very strange, considering you apparently just exposed all 
their e-mail addresses on a public mailing list which has publicly 
accessible web archives.  Somehow, I suspect you probably won't have 
any subscribers left in the near future.

>                     so please consider removing the appended email
>  eddresses on a "bounce probe" not sure of the terminology, but I will
>  attach an example below ...

	I'm not sure where you're getting this so-called example from, 
but the message body doesn't look like anything that Mailman would be 

	Yes, Mailman will generate probe messages for users whose mail 
has been bouncing, and may VERP those probe messages to try to make 
sure that it is likely to detect all the various different types of 
failure modes that may otherwise mask who the original recipient may 
have been.  But I don't see any way that it could possibly be 
generating messages of the sort you're complaining about.

	I'd suggest you talk to your hosting provider, and if you have 
any subscribers left, they may be able to help you fix things so that 
this doesn't happen again.

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