[Mailman-Users] appended email addresses on probe?

Tokio Kikuchi tkikuchi at is.kochi-u.ac.jp
Mon Apr 25 02:00:17 CEST 2005


> At 12:54 PM +0200 2005-04-24, Thomas Hochstein wrote:
>>>      I'm not sure where you're getting this so-called example from,
>>>  but the message body doesn't look like anything that Mailman would be
>>>  generating.
>>  Obviously Mailman is forwarding a sample bounce in the probe message.

Yes.  This is the last bounce notice which mailman (<list>-bounces 
address) received.  In general, it contains only the bounced addresses 
and is no use for spammers (or useful to exclude them from their spam 
list if they are clever enough).

You have to hack mailman code in order not to attach the bounce notice. 
  Here is the hack:

--- Deliverer.py        Tue Jan 18 08:57:07 2005
+++ Deliverer.py.x      Mon Apr 25 08:46:49 2005
@@ -224,7 +224,6 @@
          text = MIMEText(text, _charset=Utils.GetCharSet(ulang))
-        outer.attach(MIMEMessage(msg))
          # Turn off further VERP'ing in the final delivery step.  We set
          # probe_token for the OutgoingRunner to more easily handling local
          # rejects of probe messages.

You may also want to customize your probe.txt in the template directory.

Tokio Kikuchi, tkikuchi@ is.kochi-u.ac.jp

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