[Mailman-Users] Mailman getting stuck while trying to send a message

Remi Delon remi at cherrypy.org
Wed Apr 27 12:14:16 CEST 2005

>> Does anyone have any idea as to why Mailman gets stuck trying to send a
>> message sometimes ? If a resource (DNS, remote mail server, ...) is
>> unavailable, shouldn't it timeout after a while ?
> BAsically with *any* mailing list software it needs to be configured to 
> just take the mail from the mailing list app, and ask questions later. 
> Same rule goes for LSoft ListServ, majordomo, etc.  The problem you're 
> running into could be almost anything but i'd bet it has something to do 
> with bad addresses in the mailing list rather than your mailman version. 
> Find out what the address is, go to the list admin interface and using 
> your site pass logging and unsubscribe the junk address.

Thanks for the insight Michael... If a junk address is indeed all it 
takes to cause Mailman to hang then it's quite disapointing ...
How would I go about finding that junk address (there are more than 200 
in that list) ? Isn't it true that all addresses must have been valid at 
some point ? (otherwise people wouldn't have been able to confirm their 
subscription). That makes it hard to see which ones are junk ...



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