[Mailman-Users] How do I have one list send to another list.

Jim Tittsler jwt at onjapan.net
Fri Apr 29 02:17:31 CEST 2005

On Apr 29, 2005, at 05:26, Daevid Vincent wrote:

> Attached is one of the ones I get. In this case, I personally posted 
> to the
> party@ list, but they're all the same...
> As list administrator, your authorization is requested for the
> following mailing list posting:
>     List:    RBC at daevid.com
>     From:    party-bounces at daevid.com
>     Subject: [PARTY] FW: Last Supper Club, Contour, Trinity this 
> weekend!
>     Reason:  Message has implicit destination

Yes, as I suspected, this is being held because the RBC list name does 
not appear in the To: or cc: headers of the message (an "implicit 
destination").  I presume my suggestion of adding party at daevid\.com to 
the acceptable_aliases of the RBC list solved the problem.

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