[Mailman-Users] Mailman no longer processing one mailing list

Diana Kirk owner at writestop.com
Mon Aug 1 04:07:10 CEST 2005

Hi all,

I just spent some time going through the searchable archives at 
mail-archive.com, but didn't see my question (or its answer). I sent 
a support ticket to my web host (via cpanel) and they are looking 
into it, but basically they've asked me if there isn't anything else 
I can tell them.

I have two mailing lists with this web host for the same domain name 
(lista at mydomain.com and listb at mydomain.com). Both are active and were 
working as programmed to work. Some time between Friday afternoon and 
Saturday morning, listb at mydomain.com, no longer processed any mail. 
Lista at mydomain.com continues to work as expected.

I'm the list administrator and only moderator currently, as well as a 
subscriber to the list. I have my subscription set up to send an 
acknowledgment from Mailman that my posts have been received. I'm not 
getting any acknowledgments. The posts are not being archived, nor 
were they distributed to the mailing list, or sent to the list admin 
or moderator's mailboxes for approval. As the list admin, I should 
receive any unhandled bounces, and the posts didn't do that either. 
I've pinged the mail address -- that's fine. And, in fact, the other 
mailing list continues to receive, send out acknowledgments, archive, 
and distribute the mail without problems.

Does this ring a bell with anybody? Any clues as to what the web 
hosting people should be looking for in the logs? Which logs should 
they look in? Any guidance you can offer is appreciated.


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