[Mailman-Users] Couple of quick configs ...

Jason LaMar jrlamar at owu.edu
Thu Aug 11 21:32:50 CEST 2005

Hello. I'm new to Mailman and this list, so forgive me if I'm repeating
recent questions, but there are two specific things I want to do that I
think involve Python hacking:

1. Change the default digest delivery time to 5 p.m. local/server time.

2. Completely remove the "You can get more information about this list."
line and the "More info on this list..." bulleted line from ALL the Web
Archives pages of ALL lists.

For request #2, will this change be retroactive and apply to existing Web
pages? Or do I have to rebuild the lists somehow for these deletions to take

Also, for both requests, do I have to recompile something? Any specific help
on where and how to make these changes would be appreciated.




Jason LaMar
Interim Director of Information Services
Libraries and Information Services
Ohio Wesleyan University; Delaware, OH 43015
Tel: 740-368-3131, Fax: 740-368-3272, Web: http://www.owu.edu/

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