[Mailman-Users] Privacy and Headers

R J Ladyman it at file-away.co.uk
Mon Aug 15 10:01:44 CEST 2005

I have tried searching the archives for this, but to no avail - my apologies 
it this has been covered.

I have enabled the options to hide details of posters to my lists - however, 
subscribers can view the email headers of messages from the lists and easily 
see who has sent not only the original message but, with the References 
field, see who sent earlier messages. The header fields that show this 
information are:


I have seen the FAQ entry on threading at:


but it makes no mention of the problems that this method of threading causes 
with regards to privacy settings. Is there a quick and easy fix or option 
setting that I have missed and can change to remove these header fields 
(bearing in mind that I still require archiving) or can someone point me at 
the relevant python script in my installation that I can modify to do so.

Mailman Version 2.1.5 / Linux


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