[Mailman-Users] Virtual domains

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Aug 18 02:23:13 CEST 2005

Hans-Juergen Beie wrote:

>Forrest Aldrich wrote on 17.08.2005 20:45 Uhr:
>> Let me clarify my setup.
>> Our list server is at http://www.ourdomain.com/lists.   The default
>> domain we want added to new lists is "ourdomain.com".   However, we have
>> another domain that we want to use for a special list that we need to
>> add to this mix.   In such a way that the domain name is preserved in
>> the headers.
>> So we MX that newdomain.com to our inbound MX hosts, and forward (via
>> standard mailman aliases) to the MTA instance on the lists machine,
>> which is in the ourdomain.com domain.
>> So I want to have:
>> users-discuss at newdomain.com
>Then use add_virtualhost(URL_HOST, 'newdomain.com')
>> on our Mailman instance that otherwise would have:
>> another-list at ourdomain.com
>> this-list at ourdomain.com
>> Is that more clear?
>Yes and no. What about the URL_HOST?
>Should your list server present this list as 
>http://www.ourdomain.com/lists/user-discuss or like 
>In the first case use
>   add_virtualhost('www.ourdomain.com', 'newdomain.com')

This will not work. add_virtualhost() is defined in Defaults.py and
what it does is add a key:value pair to the VIRTUAL_HOSTS dictionary
where its first argument is the key and the second is the value.

If you have

DEFAULT_URL_HOST = 'www.ourdomain.com'
DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST = 'ourdomain.com'


then following this with

add_virtualhost('www.ourdomain.com', 'newdomain.com')

will simply change the value associated with the 'www.ourdomain.com'
key in the VIRTUAL_HOSTS dictionary from 'ourdomain.com' to
'newdomain.com'. It will not make a second entry - Python dictionaries
do not support multiple entries with the same key.

In the first case, what you do is just keep the default


only and change the host_name attribute of the users-discuss list to
newdomain.com as I suggested in my previous post in this thread

>otherwise use
>   add_virtualhost('www.newdomain.com', 'newdomain.com')
>and setup a vhost for www.newdomain.com on the web server of your lists 

This is correct.

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