[Mailman-Users] HA: making lists private from command line

lkolchin at univ.haifa.ac.il lkolchin at univ.haifa.ac.il
Tue Aug 23 16:52:15 CEST 2005

Hello Mark,
Thanks for your reply.
All I did is:
./config_list -i /var/lib/mailman/data/mailman_config_new.txt mailman
My additional question is:
Where these configurations saved (in the DB maybe?), in what files exactly?
for the first and the second question, value should be equal to 1.
# legal values are:
#    0 = "Poster"
#    1 = "This list"
#    2 = "Explicit address"
reply_goes_to_list = 1
## Archive options
# List traffic archival policies.
# Archive messages?
# legal values are:
#    0 = "No"
#    1 = "Yes"
archive = No
# Is archive file source for public or private archival?
# legal values are:
#    0 = "public"
#    1 = "private"
archive_private = 1
Additional values I've found for securing privacy of mailman widesitelist for example:
# Advertise this list when people ask what lists are on this machine?
# legal values are:
#    0 = "No"
#    1 = "Yes"
advertised = True
Best regards,
Leon Kolchinsky



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<lkolchin at univ.haifa.ac.il> wrote:
>1) Is there a way to make list private and turning archiving off. from command line? Or make the archives private from command line?

You can do this from the command line with bin/config_list

bin/config_list --help

for help.

bin/config_list -o filename listname

To see the output from the existing list 'listname' which will show you
the form of the required input. Only attributes you want to change
need be in the input file.

>2) I'm used to lists (using some lists from another sites) configured in such a way, so when I press "Reply" button in my e-mail client in the "To" line there is the "list e-mail address" an not only e-mail of the person who's wrote this mail. In the default configuration I believe I have to push "Reply All" button to send the reply to the list, and the system (of mailman) knows to send this reply only once to the person who's wrote this original message (correct me if I wrong).

Actually, it's up to the user whether or not to receive a post from the
list if he/she is a direct addressee, but the default is as you say.

>How to configure this behavior I'm used to?

Set reply_goes_to_list to "This list"

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