[Mailman-Users] Blocking a list on the server

Коваленко Иван kig at telekom.ru
Fri Dec 2 22:44:34 CET 2005

YD> Some options could be:

YD> 1) remove the list.
Alas - it can be done. I have to maintain these damned spammers as i
cant move them along.
YD> 2) set the list to emergency moderate (and optionally discard/hold the
YD> postings).

YD> 3) If you want it to work but the owner to not have access, change the
YD> passwords. If you use #2, you'll probably want to do this as well since
YD> the owner can just turn traffic back on.

I mean to temporarly block, i.e. make list unavailable to list owner
for a period of time, making no changes in it. More precise - freeze
it. Can i move its directory out of lists/?
Frankly, i'm responsible for cpanel installation and some spam users
annoying me (and company as well).

YD> Do you want the list to actually accept incoming messages (and hold
YD> them) or have the system bounce them back? Could set all non-member
YD> postings to be rejected along with a rejection message.

YD> Remove the list aliases (/etc/aliases I'm assuming) which would cause
YD> the inbound messages to hard bounce back to the sender.

С уважением,
 Коваленко Иван, Элвис-Телеком              mailto:kig at telekom.ru

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