[Mailman-Users] Command line add admin?

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Tue Dec 6 18:16:46 CET 2005

Young, Darren wrote:

>Is there any way to add list admins from the command line?

You can use bin/config_list with an input file that contains

mlist.owner.append('admin2 at example.com')

or the inputfile can be

owner = ['admin1 at example.com', 'admin2 at example.com']

The first form will add admin2 at example.com as an additional owner. The
second will replace the current owners with admin1 at example.com and
admin2 at example.com, so you would want to use bin/list_admins first to
find the current owners and make a list that includes the current and

The first form adds one value, but it can be repeated on additional
lines to add more owners. The second form takes a list of as many ','
separated values as you want and can be continued as in

owner = ['admin1 at example.com',
 'admin2 at example.com',
 'admin3 at example.com']

The use of '()' and '[]' in the above is critical - they aren't
interchangeable. The name 'mlist' is literally that (it's used by
config_list). It is not replaced with the list name. The list name is
given as an option to the config_list command as always.

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