[Mailman-Users] Python overloading CPU

Xabier Guitián xabier at alsernet.es
Fri Dec 16 09:53:47 CET 2005

	We've been running mailman for over a long time, and since the summer it 
started to do some weird things, and the last but not least important is that 
we cannot enter in the web as admins and the python process is eaitng up 
every CPY cycle it founds, it's all the time at 99%, more or less. 

	We tried to stop the mailman, killing the process that remains, changing the 
throttle of the postfix, deactivating the HyperThreading of the machine 
(which was working well all this years), and resetting all the system. We 
really don't know what's going on. 

	It's a machine NOT up to date, it uses gentoo with mailman 2.1.5, Apache 
2.0.52, Python 2.3.5, Postfix 2.1.5 and kernel 2.6.10. 

	We'll thank any tip you could give us. Thanks in advance.

Xabier Guitián 
xabier at alsernet.es
Alsernet 2000 S.L.
Tlf: 902 187 187 - Fax: 902 187 188

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