[Mailman-Users] Large mailing lists

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Thu Dec 22 18:39:37 CET 2005

At 10:01 AM -0500 2005-12-22, Ross Vandegrift wrote:

>  I knew things were going to sound like this when I came to the list,
>  and I do apologize.  I agree 100%.  The issue here is that the server
>  houses lists for a fairly high-profile television celebrity.  You might
>  be suprised at the amount of garbage this attracts.  I certainly was.
>  Especially when the developers get notes from the celebrity about how
>  the website should work.

	Ahh.  In this case you might want to give me some identifying 
information for your lists, because I updated FAQ 1.15 with the 
information you had posted on the list, and I identified that with 
udel.edu -- I kept wondering if I should ask you about Dr. Mills, and 
whether or not you kept your machines in good time sync.  ;-)

>  I'm working on the web developer to implement some better checks.  It'd
>  be awesome if when we got a subscription request from a client, some code
>  made sure they didn't type zop2 at zxcq.qwtz.com.  I'm somewhat hopeful of
>  Mark's idea to disable notifications as well, but I don't know how
>  this will fly with the client.

	In the Mailman case, the recipients should not be added to the 
list until they confirm their subscription request.  At that point, 
the address should definitely be good, and you shouldn't have 
problems with needing to remove them from the list.

	I think that Christopher X. Candreva has given you a good 
suggestion with regards to validating addresses with a Perl program, 
before adding them to the list.

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