[Mailman-Users] Mailman under Cygwin - won't add list

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Dec 23 02:28:31 CET 2005

Ben wrote:
>> But that clearly isn't what's happening. What do you get from
>> group Ben
>> and
>> group mailman
>I get "bash: group: command not found"

Sorry, that should have been groups, not group

>Now i tried setting mmsitepass, and giving the same value in the web
>create inteface.  That got past the authorization message, and now says
>"Error: Unknown virtual host: localhost".

So you either need to visit the web page using whatever your


in mm_cfg.py.

>Since Cygwin regularly sets group to 'None', I think this isn't going to
>work.  AFAICT there is no real "None" group, it is a pseudo-group
>created my Cygwin's "mkgroup" and "mkpasswd" commands.  I had been
>getting around it by manually fixing the group IDs in the /etc/passwd
>file, to force user 'mailman' into the 'Administrators' group to match
>the reality in Windows, but apparently that is not sufficient to really
>convince Cygwin.

Well, apparantly Apache runs as group Administrators, so I'm guessing
that when Apache creates files, they will be created with group

>> Well, in my case, everything runs as user Mark and group None 
>> so everything is in the None group, and it works.
>Aha!  Well, maybe that's the only functional workaround!  I will try
>re-configure and re-install with "--with-mail-gid=None
>--with-cgi-gid=None --with-groupname=None" and see if it gets further.
>I suspect, though, that it will still create files with 660 permissions,
>which will cause other parts of the code to fail..
>> Apache is running as a service presumably in 
>> the Administrators group so everything has to be in the 
>> Administrators group for things to work.
>Right, although Cygwin doesn't fully realize that the service is running
>in the Administrators group.

Oh but I think it does, that's why it can't access the group None files.

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