[Mailman-Users] Mailman under Cygwin - won't add list

Ben ben at ahualoa.net
Fri Dec 23 02:47:31 CET 2005


> Well, apparantly Apache runs as group Administrators, so I'm 
> guessing that when Apache creates files, they will be created 
> with group Administrators.

Right.  Perhaps the trouble is that Apache runs outside of Cygwin (or
more precisely, the trouble is that Mailman runs inside it :) although
Apache is simply executing a binary which is built and runs inside
Cygwin, so that must not be it.

Perhaps the only real solution here is to port (fork) Mailman from
Cygwin to native Win32.  I can't even imagine what kind of work that
would entail.  I'm have to become far more python-savvy before the end,
no doubt.

> >> Apache is running as a service presumably in
> >> the Administrators group so everything has to be in the 
> >> Administrators group for things to work.
> >Right, although Cygwin doesn't fully realize that the service is 
> >running in the Administrators group.
> Oh but I think it does, that's why it can't access the group 
> None files.

I'm beginning to wonder how on earth Cygwin fakes the group id for
files.  Apparently there's nowhere to store it in Windows, so if Cygwin
encounteres a file it didn't create, it must just guess.


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