[Mailman-Users] respond_to_post_requests and header_filter_rules

Ivan Fetch ifetch at du.edu
Tue Feb 1 02:28:54 CET 2005


    I'm wondering whether there is a way to have respond_to_post_requests 
set to yes (so that senders will be notified if their message is held due 
to posting to a members-only list, their message exceeds mailman's size 
limit, Etc), yet not send notifications to senders who's messages are 
held because they match a filter 
rule (privacy | spam ).

    The help section of respond_to_post_requests says the following, which leads me to believe that it will not notify senders 
of messages which match spam filter rules:
"Approval notices are sent when mail triggers certain of the limits except 
routine list moderation and spam filters, for which notices are not sent. 
This option overrides ever sending the notice."

    However when I send a message to a list and it matches against a spam 
filter, I receive an email back notifying me that my message was held 
because a filter was matched.  It would be nice to be able to avoid 
responding to messages which Mailman matches against the spam filters, as 
often the From address is forged anyhow...

    IS there something I'm missing which will give me the behavior I'm 
looking for RE: spam filtering?

Thank you - Ivan Fetch.

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