[Mailman-Users] change password reminder From: header?

Matt Ruzicka matt at frii.com
Wed Feb 2 00:12:48 CET 2005

I'm sort of surprised to not see this come up more often at the first of
the month so I' wondering if I'm searching for the wrong string in the
archives and Google or if I'm doing something foolish.

Same question as I found asked back in 2002.

Is there a way that I can cause mailman to send the password reminders as
the list owner instead of the site owner?

I realize the answer given in this thread (to ignore them) would "work",
but really I am more interested in getting these bounces, and more
importantly the responses to the password reminders, to the list owner so
they can address them.  I'm equally as disinclined to silently trash them
as I am in taking the time to find the list they are from and forward them
to the appropriate list owner.

Am I just missing something?

I am guessing there is not a "reminders_from_listowner" option I am just
missing, so I was interested in how others deal with this.

Is there a technical reason this option isn't available and if not is this
something that is being considered for future releases?

Thanks in advance for any insight and suggestions.

- Matt

On Tue, Sep 3 17:07:27, EDT 2002 Jon Carnes wrote:
> If I recall correctly, Mailman ends the subject of the those messages
> with: "mailing list memberships reminder"
> If you use your email rules to throw away any messages with that in the
> subject - as long as the mail does not come from "mailman-owner" - then
> you'll be tossing all that cruft away that you don't want to see, yet
> your own reminders will still get through.
> HtH - Jon Carnes
> On Tue, 2002-09-03 at 14:42, Christopher Adams wrote:
> >
> > If password reminders are set to monthly by  default, and a list owner
> > chooses to use that setting, is there a way to set the From: header to
> > the list owner address and not mailman-owner?
> >
> > As the administrator of over 200 lists, I don't want to be getting all
> > the "out of the office" messages in reply to the password reminder,
> > nor do I want to have to deal with the messages in reply, like "why am
> > I on this list?", "what is this password stuff all about?", etc.
> >
> > I have read the archives and FAQ, but can't find anything definitive
> > about this.
> >
> >
> > Christopher Adams
> > Automated Systems

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