[Mailman-Users] Unshuntable files & Spammed Pending List

Tom Anthony tomwoozle at ambrosiasw.com
Wed Feb 2 02:50:37 CET 2005

Hi all,

I noticed recently that the qrunner process on my server was going 
really nuts sometimes, and using over 90% of the CPU (causing various 
problems). I'm aware of a couple of reasons for this, and understand 
that 2.1.5 addresses some such issues.

I am currently running 2.1.2, and want to upgrade to 2.1.5; but I 
thought it would be a sensible idea to spring clean a little first, 
especially once I found out how much junk I have laying around. I have 
42 lists, some are large, some small, some busy some basically dead.

My qfiles/shunt/ directory has over 3800 files, and the bin/unshunt 
command doesn't seem to work. It runs for a while then leaves the files 
there. I understand the qfile format has changed in 2.1.5, so I wanted 
to clear these out. Can I just delete them all? (I'm not worried about 
their being being lost or whatnot). Otherwise, why wouldn't unshunt 
work? The permissions are all correct (now - I just fixed that).

Additionally, a couple of my lists got spammed, and now have a lot of 
pending requests (over 17,000 on one and 3,000 on another). I looked up 
how to remove these, but my install lacks a bin/discard utility; I 
presume it came in a later install. Is there anyway for me to clear 
these up before I upgrade?

Additionally, is there any other steps users would recommend to prevent 
such CPU heavy qrunner processes? I heard that archiving more often can 
help, is that correct? Any other ideas?

Many thanks.

Tom Anthony / Ambrosia Software, Inc.

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