[Mailman-Users] Sendmail Milter subsystem telling sendmail todiscard Mailman digests

Jeff Groves jgroves at krenim.org
Wed Feb 2 02:55:11 CET 2005

Thanks Tokio, but I already coded the fix myself :o)

And you are correct, the problem is in Handlers/ToDigest.py.   What took me so long was 
figuring out the syntax to import email.Utils and its friends.

Not saying that I learned Python, but I was able to glean enough of it to hack a fix for my 

Jeff G.

Tokio Kikuchi wrote:
> Jeff Groves wrote:
>> So, I'm going to have to learn python and figure out where it's not 
>> putting the Date: header and make it do it myself.
> Hi, I think I can fix this in Handlers/ToDigest.py
> The digests don't go through Message.py which was fixed in 2.1 beta 1.
> # I think someone posted the patch but it slipped off from my search paths.

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