[Mailman-Users] How do I Customize the Monthly Reminder?

Bashir Ghandi bmghandi at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Feb 3 01:26:39 CET 2005

Thanks very much Mark for your help.  I managed to
convince my hosting provider to store the edited
templates and they work perfectly.

I have another question for you or anyone who knows
the answer.

Is it possible for the list admin to know when a list
member changes his e-mail address?  I mean is there a
way to send a message to the system admin similar to
what happens when a user subscribe or unsubscribe?

I need this because I am maintaining members
information [names, address, etc.] in a separate
system and I need to synchronise the two systems.

Thanks once again for your help.


 --- Mark Sapiro <msapiro at value.net> wrote: 
> Bashir Ghandi wrote:
> >
> >I am a Mailman mailing list owner, and I am trying
> to
> >cutomize the monthly reminder or at least append
> some
> >custom text to it, but could not figure out how.
> >
> >I checked all the options on the List admin
> interface
> >but no clue.
> >
> >Please note that I do have direct access to the
> >machine hosting the mailman, as I am only a mailing
> >list owner - so I have only the List
> Administrator's
> >Web Interface to work with.
> You can't do it in the web interface.
> The reminder comes from a template named
> cronpass.txt. This can be
> edited and an edited version (for each relevant
> language) installed on
> a per list, per domain or hostwide basis, but it
> requires shell (or
> maybe ftp) access to the Mailman installation. See
> for details of where modified templates are
> installed.
> Since this change can be made for your list or
> domain only, you may be
> able to convince the hosting provider to give you a
> copy of the
> template(s) (or you could get it from
> and
> install your edited template(s) in the appropriate
> place(s).
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