[Mailman-Users] Re: [Mailman-Developers] Status of www.list.org?

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Thu Feb 3 03:11:45 CET 2005

At 6:06 PM -0800 2005-02-02, Mark Sapiro wrote:

>  Does anyone know the status of www.list.org? I have been unable to get
>  a ping response or a response from port 80 for a day or two now?

	Barry told me a couple of days ago that the machine was down for 
repairs, but that it should be coming back up later that day.  I 
asked him if he thought an announcement should be made to the lists, 
and he said that there are two other operational mirrors for that 
content, and that an announcement shouldn't be necessary.

	Since then, I have tried to leave it up to Barry to make the 
announcement, but I guess that hasn't happened.  I have mentioned the 
issue in passing on a couple of posts, but haven't said anything else 
up until now.

	Meanwhile, I point people at 
<http://www.gnu.org/software/mailman/> instead of 

	Note that the FAQ Wizard is not affected, nor are the mailing 
lists or archives, since they are hosted at python.org.  Only the 
stuff at list.org is unavailable, although it is mirrored elsewhere.

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