[Mailman-Users] [2.1.5] Enable MBox-Archive-Download ...

Martin Mewes mm at mewes.tv
Fri Feb 4 08:36:03 CET 2005

Hi myself ;-)

Martin Mewes <mm at mewes.tv> wrote :

> apparently I forgot to set that I do not want double message filtered
> out, so I just want to say that the answer given to this post did the
> trick :-)

After I did "PUBLIC_MBOX = Yes" in mm_cfg.py and did a "bin/arch --wipe 
<listname>" afterwards I installed a new list.

Well totally empty at the beginning, but after some messages I checked 
if the mbox-download is available and there was none. Then I waited for 
the nightly runs of mailman-cron's thinking they will be enalbled then, 
but in the end I had to do this for this list again in order to have 
the mbox-download.

Bug or feature?

bis dahin/kind regards
Martin Mewes
I am on holiday. Your e-mail has been deleted.

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