[Mailman-Users] How do I resolve this?

Jim Tittsler jwt at onjapan.net
Mon Feb 7 14:11:20 CET 2005

On Feb 5, 2005, at 17:06, Chad Leigh -- Shire.Net LLC wrote:
> Dr. Jones wrote:
>> That's in my /etc/exim/exim/conf file.
> Well, the error is telling you that the pipe_transport is unset in 
> system_aliases.  Your file seems to indicate that that is not true -- 
> it is set.  So you need to debug it and make sure it is using the 
> config file you think it is using.  Play detective based on what you 
> know.  Restart exim (% kill -HUP <exim-pid>) as a starting point.

And if you are using the method suggested by the README.EXIM file, you 
don't need to put separate aliases in your system alias file.  The 
separate mailman_router uses a separate mailman_transport which 
specifies the pipe driver.

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