[Mailman-Users] e-mail command problem

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Mon Feb 7 17:22:01 CET 2005

Nathan K. Stazewski wrote:

>I have created a web interface for our listservs.  I have it completely
>working except that when someone subscribes themselves I don't want them to
>have to assign themselves a password but I do want them to be able to select
>digest or nodigest.  I tried the following e-mail command, but it always
>sets their password to "digest" (or "nodigest" if they pick that option) and
>doesn't actually set their digest preference.
>subscribe digest
>Is there some way to signify that "digest" or "nodigest" is the option and
>not a password?  

I have looked at the code and contrary to the implication of the
documentation, the <password> and (no)digest options are positional.
Since you are creating the mail from a web page, you can use the
address= option to put the (no)digest option in the right place. E.g.

subscribe address=user at example.com digest

will work, but it will not allow specification of the real name.

At the very least, the command in the documentation should be revised to

subscribe [password [digest|nodigest]] [address=<address>]

The real solution is to change the code to make digest non positional
as in

subscribe [password] [digest=yes|no] [address=<address>]

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