[Mailman-Users] Q: "Newsletter" configuration of mailman.

Karl karlkras at comcast.net
Tue Feb 8 21:32:50 CET 2005

mailman 2.1.5

I have searched the archives for this information and isn't obvious if 
it's addressed.
How does one configure a mailman system as an "announcement" only system 
such as how:
is configured?

I want message posting capabilities limited to a very few individuals 
and the ability to reply back to the list (this probably means the same 
thing) restricted or even disallowed entirely.

I have a large number of individuals who have no interest (sp. 
deadbeats) who are only interested in getting pushed "Special Notices" 
in regards to the topic of my site and don't want to be involved with 
any discussion related interaction.

thanks in advance for help on this.


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