[Mailman-Users] Auto Subscriptions to Mailman list

Robert Haack haack at nclack.k12.or.us
Wed Feb 9 20:06:06 CET 2005

I don't have a script for this purpose only but what I have is a PHP 
program that manages all of the users on my system and when I select a 
user I see all of their information and a list of check boxes for all of 
the different lists that this user could be subscribed to.  It could 
probably be modified easy enough to allow user names to be input so that 
you could do a mass subscription.  I have this program create a shell 
script to subscribe the user using the command line programs.  It may 
not be the most efficient way to do things but it works quite well for 
our purposes.  If you need more info let me know.

Robert Haack
Programmer Analyst
North Clackamas School District #12
haack at nclack.k12.or.us

Kory Wheatley wrote:

> Question, has anyone written a script to automate the 
> subscription/unsubscription request for all mailman lists.  Through 
> some type of web form process or through an email client, that a 
> certain individual could subscribe/unsubscribe a user to any of the 
> mailman lists without being prompted or deal with any confirmation?

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