[Mailman-Users] Archives disk space: are .txt files needed?

Mike Alberghini sysmda at zim.gsu.edu
Wed Feb 9 22:07:15 CET 2005

I'm doing the admin of a Mailman server with 280+ lists and I'm fighting
with archive sizes.  Mailman is on a 5 gig partition, and 4 gigs of that
is taken up by ~mailman/archives.

In some cases the archives are big because the list gets dozens of posts a day.
In other cases, people use them to send 15meg attachments, which also get 

The archive directories contain each months mail in three formats:

1.  a plaintext file:  2004-November.txt
2.  a gzipped file:    2004-November.txt.gz
3.  a directory:       2004-November - contains individual HTML messages.

The web archive uses the files in the directory, and links to the gzipped
file.  Does anything use the plaintext file?  It seems like it's wasting a
ton of diskspace having the same file gzipped and unzipped in the same space.

So, first off, can I delete the year-month.txt files without causing harm?
Second, once the current month is over, can I prevent the non-zipped files
from ever existing?  Finally, is there a way to prevent the archiving of

Any other suggestions on how to control or limit the diskspace the archives use
would be greatly appreciated.

Michael Alberghini
Software Systems Engineer
Georgia State University
mike at gsu.edu

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