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Χρήστος Ράμμος crammos at edu.teiath.gr
Fri Feb 11 09:03:42 CET 2005

Hello to all,
i am a new member in this list and i hope that we'll have a great 

First of all i would like to give you a sample of what i want to do ...
In my mailman archives i have a post like ...

  FW: [SECURITY] [DSA 669-1] New php3 packages fix several vulnerabilities

*First_Name Last_Name * username_at_domain.com
/Tue Feb 8 10:31:32 EET 2005/

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      Announcement: kernel bugfixes and SP1 merge (SUSE-SA:2005:005)
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what i want to change for all lists archives is the 
"username_at_domain.com" and i want to give the value of 
I just want to change that the email address won't show the domain of 
the user but only appear something like "localhost" after the username
Is that possible??

Thanks in Advance
Chris Rammos

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