[Mailman-Users] Working with multiple domains

david gordon davidg at goraich.co.uk
Fri Feb 11 11:10:30 CET 2005

My host runs a Virtual Server environment (I believe using VSD) and I
have a number of different domains there. I have a couple of Mailman
lists running from a single installation but using different domains. ie
some-list at this-domain.co.uk, other-list at that-domain.co.uk.

Both of those lists will eventually 'give away' the real name (the FQDN?)
of the server they are running on, http://my-server.my-host.co.uk. For
example the listinfo page at http://this-domain.co.uk/mailman/listinfo/
some-list has a link, "To see a collection of prior postings..." to http:
//my-server.my-host/mailman/private/some-list and that link is also given
in the welcome message.

I'm not quite clear how (if?) I can set up the site-specific settings in
mm_cfg_py so that each domain only ever refers to itself. I believe I can
see how to change the default domain name but can I do this for more than
one domain?

What I want is to keep a single Mailman installation and the name of the
host server secret.

Thanks for any help or pointers

david gordon

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