[Mailman-Users] Some Posts not getting through - Troubleshoot ing tips?

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Fri Feb 11 16:04:02 CET 2005

At 9:45 AM -0500 2005-02-11, Bruce Best (CRO) wrote:

>  I will approach the site that email is not getting through to see if they
>  know (this will be easy, as it is in fact my work email that isn't getting
>  the posts); I was trying to get a better idea of what the causes might be.

	Many mis-configured anti-spam systems will mis-identify mailing 
lists as "spam", or if the message comes in and does not explicitly 
list the recipient on the "To:" or "Cc:" header, then it will be 
mis-identified as "spam".  In the latter case, changing the list so 
as to use "Full Personalization" may solve the problem.

	There are various other typical problems with anti-spam systems, 
but that should give you an idea.

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