[Mailman-Users] Some Posts not getting through - Troubleshoot ing tips?

Bruce Best (CRO) bestb at lao.on.ca
Fri Feb 11 17:56:40 CET 2005

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> From: Dan Phillips [mailto:dhphllps at memphis.edu]

> On Feb 11, 2005, at 9:44 AM, Bruce Best (CRO) wrote:

> > 2.1.5; under "Non-Digest options", it says nothing about "Full
> > Personalization", there are only three options;

> mm_cfg.py must include the line "OWNERS_CAN_ENABLE_PERSONALIZATION = 1"

Thanks; that did it (I guess this option is off by default in the Debian
mailman packages)

Unfortunately, even with full personalization enabled, posts do not get
through to the email address in question. I'll check with the IT department
to see if they know what might be happening, assuming it is something on the
receiving end.

The reason why I assumed it was something on my end is because this email
address works with many other Mailman-based lists (including this one), so I
was guessing I had ended up with some non-standard setting that caused this.


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