[Mailman-Users] Mailman with os x server won't create first list

Michael Curtis bazmail at curtis2310.demon.co.uk
Sat Feb 12 10:08:00 CET 2005


	I have now installed 3 os x servers and everytime Mailman has failed 
on the first install. When I make the first list I tick the box to turn 
on the service. I enter and password and admin email address. I then 
save the changes and the list disappears.

	I have checked permissions, the Apple way and the Mailman command line 
way. What is weird is that the overview under mail via the GUI will say 
the service is disabled, but the tick box will stay ticked.

	On each machine that has had this issue, I have formatted and 
re-installed and each time it then works. I have had this issue with 
all versions of the os 10.3.1 up to 10.3.8.

	Has anyone seen this or any idea as to why this happens? Once it is up 
and running it is a great listserver.

	Best wishes

	Michael Curtis

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