[Mailman-Users] Some Posts not getting through - Troubleshoot ing tips?

Bruce Best (CRO) bestb at lao.on.ca
Sat Feb 12 17:09:24 CET 2005

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> From: Kai Schaetzl [mailto:maillists at conactive.com]
> Bruce Best (CRO) wrote on Fri, 11 Feb 2005 09:45:17 -0500:
> > I sent a message to the list, then sent the message to the
> > list and cc'd to the troublsome email address. The cc goes
> > through without a hitch, the message from the list is never 
> > delivered. 
> If I understand correctly you can send from the same IP and 
> it gets thru, so it's not a dynamic IP block f.i. or a HELO 
> check. It's something with the message and there are so many
> possibilities. Did you have a look at the message? Sent to 
> more recipients than two? Maybe it's technically incorrect for
> an arcane reason. You can either look at the message and then 
> send it again and again with changed headers/content in the 
> hope that it'll finally get thru or you can ask the other side.

I realize now that I was wrong and in fact my MTA cannot send an email to
the troublesome address, or in fact to any email address outside of the ISP
providing internet access to the server (I realized I was using a smarthost
rather than my MTA for the account that seemed to be working).

This probably means I have some misconfiguration on my server that is
resulting in failing HELO checks (the server does have a static IP, with a
registered domain). 

Thanks for the help, though.


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