[Mailman-Users] URL for admin page

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sat Feb 12 20:27:32 CET 2005

Adam Rosi-Kessel wrote:
>Interestingly, I found by running with_list fix_url on the list (and not
>specifying any URL) the admin URL was reset to the correct address.
>But I'm concerned that other new lists will have the wrong default admin

Running with_list fix_url on the list without specifying any options
will reset the list's web_page_url attribute to


i.e. DEFAULT_URL_PATTERN with the value of DEFAULT_URL_HOST plugged in
for the "%s".

The only time a list is created with a web_page_url attribute that is
not made by interpolating some host name into DEFAULT_URL_PATTERN is
when the list is when the obsolete option DEFAULT_URL is something
other than None and whatever called create() to create the list didn't
subsequently update web_page_url.

I think this happens with bin/newlist, but not with web create. So, do
you have a setting in mm_cfg.py for DEFAULT_URL (or perhaps one other
than None in Defaults.py)? If so, remove it.

Also, there is another puzzle here. The link to a list's listinfo page
from the main listinfo page and the link to a list's admin page from
the main admin page are both created in exactly the same way using the
list's web_page_url attribute. Are you saying the listinfo link was
correct and the admin link wasn't? If so, something is very strange.

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