[Mailman-Users] URL for admin page

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sat Feb 12 21:56:44 CET 2005

Adam Rosi-Kessel wrote:
>Ah, okay, that explains everything.  If I comment out DEFAULT_URL,
>everything works perfectly.  I didn't realize that bin/newlist and web
>create relied on different information for creating new lists.
>I wonder if there is some way to notify admins that this option has
>become obsolete.  I don't see anything in the Debian changelog.

There are remarks about it in Defaults.py.

Also, the problem was compounded in your case because not only did you
have the deprecated option in mm_cfg.py; it apparently was not set as
it originally should have been. I.e it was probably

DEFAULT_URL = http://hostname/

and if it had been

DEFAULT_URL = http://hostname/mailman/

things would have been OK.

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