[Mailman-Users] Re: list admin passwords failing

Iain Pople ip at brunny.com
Wed Feb 16 00:03:49 CET 2005

No I haven't made any changes, but I have just discovered that if i 
submit the form as a GET request manually I can login. i.e:


However, once I am logged in I have the same problem, where If i change 
any settings the page just reloads. So it definitely looks like it is a 
problem with POST requests. The thing is I haven't changed anything in 
my apache setup for ages, so I can't see how this could be a problem.

Mark Sapiro wrote:

> Have you made any change to the admlogin.html template(s), in
> particular the line
>    <TD><INPUT TYPE="password" NAME="adminpw" SIZE="30"></TD>
> ?

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