[Mailman-Users] Making sense of SMTP log

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Feb 17 00:02:42 CET 2005

Joshua Beall wrote:
>I am looking at logs/smtp, and I'm not sure how to decode what I'm seeing. 
>Here's an example:
>Feb 16 16:35:53 2005 (12550) 
><mailman.0.1108589749.18197.ezine_teachmagazine.com at teachmagazine.com> smtp 
>for 1 recips, completed in 1.707 seconds
>Presumable that deals with a message sent to or from the 
>ezine at teachmagazine.com list, but how do I map that to an actual message in 
>the archives?  Is there a way to tell who the recipient was (if it indicates 
>a message that was sent out, rather than received).

All entries in the smtp logs are outgoing messages. By default, all
outgoing messages are in the 'smtp' log and in addition log entries
relating to delivery of list posts are in the 'post' log.

In all cases, the <...> stuff is the message-id. In the case of an
outgoing post, you can match this to the archives.

In this case the form of the message-id is that of a Mailman generated
message, so this is not a post. It is some kind of administrative

And no, you can't tell the recipient. You have to look at MTA logs. You
do have some control over what these log entries look like. See the
information in Defaults.py for the SMTP_LOG_* items.

Note however that all these log entries have only to do with delivery
from Mailman to the outgoing MTA. For anything beyond that, you have
to look at the MTA's logs and maybe Mailman's 'bounce' log.

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