[Mailman-Users] what gives?

sea23 at seasalt.org sea23 at seasalt.org
Thu Feb 17 03:06:54 CET 2005

Dave Dewey wrote:

>For what it's worth, I have received the exact same
>spanish-language-porno-confirmation email.  However, it was some months
>after my initial subscription; doesn't mean it was or wasn't tied to my
>being a member of this list, but at least there are two of us that have
>received it.

Thanks for the input. Yes, but how soon after your very first post to 
the list was it? Obviously they wait for new subscribers to post for the 
first time since there is no way to directly get the email address of 
new subscribers since the member list is private (or so I would think it 

There is no doubt that this factoria list is linked somehow to actions I 
took with regard to this list. Like I said, I subscribe anew two times, 
two weeks apart with completely different email addresses including 
domains and ip adresses and soon after my very first post EACH time, I 
got a confirm email from them and it was clearly from the mailman 
program. That combined with the fact that I have never subscribed to a 
mailing list before nor have I ever installed mailman leaves no doubt in 

It should be an easy thing to duplicate.


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