[Mailman-Users] gmail not getting own posts

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Thu Feb 17 19:46:02 CET 2005

At 11:46 AM -0600 2005-02-17, Stephanie wrote:

>  Maybe that third list where you do get copies back does something like
>  Topica, something that keeps GMail from seeing it as a duplicate.

	I wonder if maybe Topica changes the content of the Message-ID: 
header.  Most mailing list software goes to great lengths to try to 
avoid changing this header, because this is supposed to be the 
globally unique id by which this particular message is known. 
According to the way the standards are written, if the message id 
changes, then it's a different message, even if everything else about 
the message is identical.

	Mailman only changes the contents of the Message-ID: header on 
posts that are coming across the news-to-mail gateway, and then only 
because it is necessary in order to avoid various problems that have 
been encountered in the past.

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