[Mailman-Users] virtual domains support in mailman?

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Thu Feb 17 23:22:38 CET 2005

At 12:14 PM +0600 2005-02-17, Alexey Seleznyov wrote:

>  is it possible to have lists linked to qmail virtual domains? i didn't
>  find a way yet, newlist script doesn't ask too much, and the list created
>  is placed under /var/mailman/lists/$listname
>  i suspect that there'll be at least problems naming similarly lists
>  belonging to different domains.

	So far as I know, the only virtual domain solution that is 
available to Mailman users is detailed at 

	In essence, you apply an unsupported 3rd-party patch, and then 
you'll need to use different styles of processing incoming messages 
through your MTA, in order to map them onto the appropriate Mailman 
mailing lists.

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