[Mailman-Users] Question regarding implementation, hostname vs. domainname

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sat Feb 19 02:31:24 CET 2005

Albert Whale wrote:

>I host a variety of Mailmain lists for Non-Profit organizations.  One is
>for the Local Boy Scouts, the mailing list address is listed
>test at abs-comptech.com (not the real mailing list, but similarly configured).
>However posting to test at abs-comptech.com (the virtual name of the
>machine) does not work, but posting to the name of
>test at ns4.abs-comptech.com does work.
>What can I do to have the list test at abs-comptech.com respond like
>test at ns4.abs-comptech.com?

What specifically happens when mail is sent to test at abs-comptech.com?
Does the sender get any kind of notice? If so what does it say? Are
there any entries in Mailman's logs 'error' or 'vette'? Anything in
the incoming MTA logs?

What DNS records are there for abs-comptech.com?

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