[Mailman-Users] digest delivery

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sat Feb 19 03:21:30 CET 2005

Sean wrote:
>A list on one of the servers I admin is experiencing strange digest
>delivery behavior.  digest_send_periodic is set to yes but the digest are
>not being sent until the digest_size_threshhold is being reached.
>digest_size_threshhold is set to 500Kb so it takes a few days to reach
>that.  Any suggestions on what to look at here?
>MM is 2.1.5, python is 2.3.4
>No other lists have reported problems with digest delivery.

If digest_send_periodic is on and other lists in the same Mailman
installation are receiving daily digests and this list gets digests
when digest_size_threshhold is reached, the only thing I can think of
is the senddigests command in the crontab entry has -l or --listname=
options for the lists that are working and not this one.

Then again, maybe cron isn't running senddigests at all and this is the
only list that noticed.

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